The texture of my cleansing oil has changed. What should I do?

Separation of the emulsifiers and oils is natural and will occur over time. For best results, shake your cleanser well before each use. If separation has occurred, you will notice the consistency will be thicker and less spreadable. To resolve this issue, shake the bottle well, clear the pump several times, and shake again.

I've never used a face oil before. How should I incorporate this product into my routine?

Oils are best used as the last step in your routine, after any water-based serums, as water cannot permeate oil. Our face oils effectively lock in moisture, negating the need for a moisturizer for most of our clients.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

Our botanical oils and extracts are sourced globally. We put great care in finding the best ingredients, both in quality and sustainability. We look for factors such as purity, extraction method, environmental impact, and compound ratios, to name a few. Our advanced forms of vitamin C and Encapsulated Retinol come from US labs, and are derived from natural sources.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made by our founder at the Sophia Dee LLC headquarters, and follow all FDA guidelines. We do not outsource our production to a lab or manufacturing company as we ultimately would not have full control of the formulas. When a company hires a third party to manufacture their products, they are limited to the ingredients that particular company has on hand. We have put great care into sourcing the best ingredients, and meticulously formulating our products, and for this reason, we decided that manufacturing in-house was the best choice for us.

Why don't you use essential oils in your facial products?

Essential oils are the concentrated, volatile essences from plants. And while they do contain some beneficial compounds, they also contain fragrant compounds, which are not beneficial, but actually cause irritation and damage to the skin; and irritation, even if not immediately noticeable, is pro-aging.

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